“Nina really lifted me up singing a song to me.  A song of my choice from Bing Crosby." Joyce


"…Lovely singer, would brighten up any room or hall…” Tony

When Residents were asked ‘How did the session make you feel?’  

  • “…Happy...”

  • “…Calm…”

  • “…Good…”

  • “…Made me want to sing…”



STAFF Comments

Some Activities Organiser's thoughts...

"Nina encourages the residents to choose a song they like. To see the residents singing along and enjoying the time she spends with them is lovely. They always want her to visit them again."  Marc Taylor :- Social Care Coordinator, Gavin Astor House, RBLI Village

"I can’t put in to words how pleased I am to have met Nina and how delighted I am that she visits are residents with her fabulous personality, amazing voice and fantastic guitar playing skills!  Nina reaches the residents who can’t or don’t want to join in with ‘ group’ activities...a special moment in time.   AMAZING!" Sarah Winter,  Social Care Coordinator G


“…Nina’s interaction with the Residents was very good and easy going.  Her voice was also very pleasing…” Frieda, Wells Lodge Nursing Home, Folkestone

“…All the Residents and Staff enjoyed listening to Nina when she comes to entertain us, Nina has performed on many occasions for our elderly Residents!


Nina is very liked because of "her way" of entertaining, she will always speak very softly and politely to the residents and take an interest in them. Nina is an excellent singer and guitar player and uses professional techniques whilst performing.


Nina is always welcome at the Balgowan because of her versatility, I strongly recommend Nina for your any function you may have. Once heard, never forgotten!!!…” Jason Cozens, Balgowans Nursing Home, Hythe


  • The benefits of Nina visiting my sister Violet makes me speechless and could almost make me cry. She sang ‘ Wouldn’t it be Lovely’ from My Fair Lady. Violet loved it, singing along she knew every word and tapping her hand on the bed! Nina is amazing!"  Mrs Margaret  Beesley sister of a resident.

  • …Music is an important part of Mum’s life, and it was good to bring this back into her, and my, life…”


  • “…Great for Residents, to lift them up and bring back memories…”


  • “…brought tears to my eyes, Nina has a beautiful voice and sung a lovely folk song for my Dad…”


  • “…Good to see Mum joining in songs. Reminiscent of being at home when she sang (off key!) all the time…”


  • “… really beautiful, I could listen to her all day…”


  • “…Good all round repertoire, suitable for the age group of the audience…”


  • “…Happy, lighthearted, uplifting - a very enjoyable afternoon…”


  • “…Highly enjoyable, and relevant to the audience…”

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