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Meet The Team

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Amanda Towns

Production Coordinator


Lucy Thompson

Production and Social Media Coordinator

Amanda is Director of JEA Virtual Office Services, with over 20 years secretarial and PA experience, both in the private and public sector.

Amanda joined Nina in the Spring of 2022, enhancing the workflow and behind the scenes operations of Musical Walkabout.


Amanda coordinates scheduling, client correspondence, market research and financial bookkeeping for Musical Walkabout, bringing her invaluable roster of skills to our day to day runnings.

To email Amanda, click here


Lisa Doherty

BSc Hons, Occupational Therapist

Lucy is an Actor, Writer and music lover. She worked with the Musical Walkabout from 2020 to Spring 2022, and brought her full hearted in the power of music to everything she did with us.

Lucy and Nina have worked together in numerous creative projects over the past 6 years, establishing a natural rapport and dynamic approach to teamwork.


Lucy worked as Production and Social Media Coordinator during the THRIVE project, and is a vital champion of our work.

Lisa is Director of Dementia Support Services her company which provides support, motivation and education in the field of dementia care.


Lisa also works as a Team Leader for a memory and older persons mental health service within the NHS in Kent.

Lisa joined THRIVE as the Lead Staff Trainee for "Music Helps" and Group Participant Liaison for YO Songsters and Songsters Care. Both roles are central to the best practice of THRIVE activities.


Dementia Support Service and Musical Walkabout continues to collaborate to this day.


Dr Ann Skingley


Ann Skingley works at Canterbury Christ Church University as Principal Research Fellow with a special interest in Arts and Health.


Ann has previously worked with Nina in evaluations of Musical Walkabout and NHS staff singing group, WE Care.

Ann joined THRIVE as the Evaluator, reporting on the progress and impact of our activities. Click here to read Ann's previous research on Musical Walkabout activities.

Ann and Nina continue to work together on music and wellbeing activities within each other's practices.


Joy McCue

Matron for Dementia, EKHUFT

Joy McCue works for NHS England as Matron for Dementia at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust.

Joy has collaborated with Nina on the WE Care Choir singing for NHS staff wellbeing group in 2017 and brought Musical Walkabout onto Kent & Canterbury Hospital's Acute Geriatric Ward in 2019/20.

Joy joined THRIVE as the team leader for the Acute staff training contingent, and has been instrumental in connecting Musical Walkabout to EKHUFT in 2022 through an our person version of "Music Helps" at Kent & Canterbury Hospital.

A team of specialists from diverse sectors joined Musical Walkabout founder Nina Clark for on our 2021 project THRIVE

With professionals from creative, multimedia and cultural, health & social care and arts and health research, each THRIVE member brings expertise and energy to our practice.

2022 and beyond bring new opportunities to develop this excellent team, starting with new Production Coordinator Amanda Towns. 


Ann McGovern

Dementia Associate Practitioner

Ann McGovern works for NHS England as Dementia Associate Practitioner at EKHUFT in Joy McCue's Dementia Team. 

Ann joined THRIVE as an Acute Staff Trainee, and is a core member of "Music Helps" course, where her knowledge and expertise co-curate course activities and case studies.

Ann has also supported Musical Walkabout through her position as President of Folkestone Lions Club, and our in person staff training.


Jessica Peterson

Occupational Therapist

Jessica Peterson is an Occupational Therapist working with Joy McCue's Dementia Team at Kent and Canterbury, EKHUFT.

Jessica is developing a new role within the Dementia Team that focuses on therapeutic and meaningful activities with their patients living with a dementia.

Jessica joined THRIVE as a Residential Staff Trainee. As a core member of "Music Helps" her skillset and experience continue contribute to the co-curation of course activities in 2022 and beyond.


Dr Trish



Music Practitioner

Trish is a Registered Nurse with an interest in models of care for people living with dementia.


She is Visiting Principal Research Fellow for the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury Christ Church University and Director of Operations and Training for the charity Music4Wellbeing.  

Trish joined THRIVE as a mentor and as a Visiting Practitioner on the "Music Helps" staff training course.


Clare Unsworth


Clare Unsworth is a Folkestone-based filmmaker whose practice explores social issues through collaborative community projects.

Clare and Nina have worked together on several creative projects; "What Is Musical Walkabout?" and the music video for Nina's single "Armour"

Clare joined THRIVE as our Filmographer, capturing the essence of our activities to share with the world.


Kelly Hayes

Financial Coordinator

Kelly is Director of Kelly Hayes Ltd, a business which looks after the finances of small and medium businesses, so they can get on with what they're good at.

Kelly joined THRIVE as Financial Coordinator, in charge of administrating the payroll and cashflow, and submitting financial reports to Musical Walkabout's Board of Directors.

Musical Walkabout is only as effective as the staff teams we work with, and we welcome new people and ideas.

Would you like to collaborate with us? Get in touch today to set up a meeting!

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