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Our Origin

Fostering Inclusive Music Interactions

Musical Walkabout CIC was founded in the UK by inclusive music practitioner Nina Clark in 2015, and began as a 1-2-1 way to engage residents in care homes less able to enjoy group activities or experiencing social isolation.

Pre-COVID-19 music sessions would take place in person, with Nina guided by a member of staff on site. As a person-centred music interaction, particular focus is given to co-curation, where participants contribute musical choices, while sharing their stories, feelings and experiences.

Participants show signs of involvement, anticipation, investment and agency in Musical Walkabout sessions, whether in person or via Zoom.

Staff engagement is key to our inclusive ethos, and Health & Social Care professionals can now benefit from our 'Music Helps' staff training to upskill, build confidence and support wellbeing.

Watch filmmaker Clare Unsworth's 2016 film What is Musical Walkabout? to see in person sessions in action.

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