Play It Forward

A Musical Challenge ~ 30 Days of Play

30 days of free activities to encourage us all to bring more music into our lives,

in easy, fun and rewarding ways!  Originally live throughout September 2021, all resources are now accessible on our social media platforms ~ so you can participate whenever you like...

#PlayItForward   #THRIVE2021   #MusicalWalkabout

6 Simple Actions to Play It Forward

  • ACTION 1 ~ Follow, Like and Subscribe to Musical Walkabout on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to join in our Play It Forward activities

  • ACTION 2  ~ Use the Play It Forward date map below; print out and find each post by date!

  • ACTION 3 ~ Invite a friend, colleague or loved one to Play It Forward with you! Simply tag away...

  • ACTION 4 ~ Play Alan's Music Quiz (scroll down to the video below) and share your score with us!

  • ACTION 5 ~ Enjoy our bespoke Spotify 'Decades' Playlist based on public suggestions here

Play It Forward ~ Date Map

PIF Month Planner (1).png

What is Play It Forward?

Play It Forward is Musical Walkabout's contribution to social prescribing ~ engaging individuals, institutions and audiences in the concepts of music and wellbeing.

Through years of experience in inclusive training and education, we know the best way to build healthy habits that develop creativity is to make them EASY, FUN and REWARDING!

How To Keep The Music Flowing!

1) EASY? Use accessible resources - vinyl, tapes, CDs, radio, television, internet, apps etc

2) FUN? Use the Buddy System and Play It Forward with a friend or loved one, or tell us your goals

3) REWARDING? Share the love; tell people or journal about your musical activities

You can use the date map as a guide or a leaping point to create musical activities of your own. Whatever you do, Play It Forward, and share your experiences with us online, using the hashtags

#PlayItForward   #THRIVE2021   #MusicalWalkabout

and keep the music flowing...

Musical Walkabout invites you to play

Alan joined our YO Songsters music group in 2019, and has been a champion of music for many years. Diagnosed with young onset dementia, Alan is an active member of his community, and is an enthusiastic supporter of YO Songsters. Today’s Music Quiz is hosted by Nina Clark and Lucy Freeman with questions and music choices brought to you by

Alan and his wife Marg.

Play It Forward, and invite a friend to enjoy Alan's Music Quiz with you!

Alan's Music Quiz!

Share Your Musical Memories

In the first week of Play It Forward in September 2021, we invited our online audience to share their musical memories and favourites with us, spanning the 1950's to the 2010's. 

Lucy Freeman collated all of these beautiful suggestions into one epic 'Decades' playlist on Spotify, which you can now enjoy, share and add to with your own gold dust tracks.

Follow this link to access the free 'Decades' playlist now!

'Decades' Spotify Playlist