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October 13, 2017

Greetings lovely peeps! I hope this post finds you hale and hearty, braving the changing of the seasons, enjoying the rustle of... "the falling leeeeeaves.." As Autumn has finally shuffled lazily around in Folkestone, the jumpers have come out of storage and I find mys...

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year! If you've found yourself here on the Musical Walkabout blog, I can commend you for being a super person with an interest in socially engaged community projects - good for you, you hearty soul! 

Please feel free to read my other blogs to hear more about w...

October 31, 2016

Me and the brilliant Jackie from Hawkinge House (photography by Clare Unsworth of Foxbite Media)

Lordy! What a time! It's been a little while since my last post, with a busy summer and a trip to New Zealand between then and now. I've been back from NZ nearly a month, an...

June 9, 2016

It is in the nature of the Musical Walkabout project that it be a moving experience, hopefully for all involved, but most certainly for myself on a daily basis. Each session is variously rewarding and as it grows in scope, new facets of understanding open up to me as i...

April 13, 2016

Hello there, you interesting soul, you! Good job! You've found my new blog for the Musical Walkabout. Thanks for clicking this, and checking it out.


So, you might have read the About page and the bit about me (Nina, hi!), but you're still not sure where this came from....

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February 1, 2019